Self-Care is the New Healthcare 


Self-Care is the New Healthcare 


Self-Care is a loaded term and often is seen as less than or a “soft skill.” It’s not just a bubble bath, or checking out from responsibilities to sooth our burntout selves. It’s checking back in to the responsibility we have to ourselves and our well being.

The hard truth is, we have to be the ones to listen to what we need. We have to be the ones to plan our appointments and care plan. At Vangool Wellness we want to be a key support and advocate for you too, but at the end of the day, we want to empower YOU to know how to regulate and respect what you need. To empower you to take back your power and voice in systems that make us feel like “we don’t know our own body.”

Self-care is a process of reclaiming and remembering our inherent worthiness. You are worth taking the time for, you are worth fighting for, you are worthy. Self-Care is proactive instead of reactive.
Self-Care is saying YES to yourself and listening to the wisdom of your body, the whispers before they’re shouts. It’s being in loving communication with your body and self and it involves learning the tools to regulate our nervous system.

I am on a mission to reclaim and reframe the word self-care. As a recovering workaholic, high achiever, and serial burn-outer. I became keenly curious about how to sustain doing the things I loved at a high level without being in the cycle of burnout. I would cringe at the word self-care because it felt like weakness. Until the science began to reflect what the inner knowing and emotional part of me knew to be true. Self-care is simply tools that help us give ourselves more of what we need, in the moments, weeks, and hours that we can. It’s being aware of our body throughout the day and being more connected to body intelligence, not just mind intelligence. In this way, we regulate our nervous system and are in the stress response less often, and therefore, living in a sustainable way for our mind, body, and spirit.

Self-Care Challenge

  • Say YES to self, listen to the whispers of your body.
  • Create SLOW in your life and settle into trusting what you know to be true.
  • Take more time BEING and less time DOING.
  • Counter the hustle of this season and be radical in your choices to lean into ease. Value doing less, more than you value doing more.
  • Plan ahead, schedule in your self-care time and let it stay in your schedule as a priority, not an ‘extra’ or ‘if I have time’.

As we head into our clinic busy season, we encourage you to plan ahead for your self-care so we can give you the care you need in the time that you need because you’re worth it.

“This step of saying yes to self is saying, I am worth fighting for. I am worth healing for. I am worthy.”- Adrianne Vangool from “The Journey of Self-Care to We-Care”

Want to learn more about self-care and nervous system regulation tools? Copies of The Journey of Self-Care to We-Care are availble at the clinic, McNally Robinson, Turning the Tide, or Amazon.

Plan ahead and book your self-care appointment

As 2023 is coming to an end, think ahead to book the self-care that you need. Physiotherapy, PhysioYoga, Yoga Classes and Massage Therapy available.