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A modern and holistic approach to physiotherapy, our physiotherapists focus on you, not one part of your body. We work with you to achieve your health and movement goals, liberating you to do the things that matter to you. Whether you’re experiencing pelvic floor symptoms, chronic injuries, or acute injuries. We can help you be healthy and whole.


Online Physiotherapy Services are NOW LIVE!

Therapeutic Yoga sessions are great for safely adding to range of motion or for those interested in trying yoga or other exercise, but are unsure if they are safe to start. Vangool Wellness will create a physical therapy screen and yoga program designed specifically to meet your needs. For movement, for fun, for you.

Many of our physiotherapy services are offered online. Physioyoga, 1 on 1 exercise progression and rehabilitation are available via telehealth. Book online or email

physical therapy types

Active Aging

  • Promoting an active lifestyle for advanced seniors.
  • Vestibular Therapy – balance rehabilitation that alleviates physical and emotional pain.
  • Improves balance and reduces problems related to dizziness and vertigo.
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Young adult hip injuries/sport hip injuries

  • Young adult hip injuries/sport hip injuries.
  • Lindsay Tysdal works closely with Saskatoon’s first and currently only Postdoctoral fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in young adult hip pathologies, such as femoral acetabular impingement and hip dysplasia.
  • Together the two have developed screening protocols, conservative management protocols and post operative protocols. They work together to service the needs of young adult patients throughout Saskatchewan.
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Yoga Therapy

  • A unique blend of physical therapy and yoga principles that guide the assessment and treatments of various neurological, musculoskeletal, and chronic injuries/diseases.
  • Ability to go beyond and customize a plan based on your needs.
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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

  • For women and men who may experience: incontinence, pelvic/urogenital pain, urgency, difficulty fully emptying their bladder, constipation, painful intercourse, pelvic floor injury following child birth, low back or hip pain.
  • For women postpartum at any age or stage.
  • Learn to move safely and feel liberated to do the things you want to do!
  • Achieve health and movement goals.
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Work Place Injury/Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Have you been injured at work or in a motor vehicle accident? We can help.
  • Our Physiotherapists can provide services for injuries claims with WCB, SGI, and other third party payer programs.
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Manual Therapy

  • For muscle, joint, and other soft tissue injuries.
  • Treats musculoskeletal pain and disability through manipulation and mobilization of joints and muscles.
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improve joint mobility and function

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