In a world where society is increasingly divided and the demands of work, life, and family are ever increasing, it can be difficult to stay whole. Add in the experience of trauma and feeling overwhelmed, and the path to healing and feeling well can seem impossible. As a physiotherapist and certified yoga therapist, Adrianne Vangool has worked with people throughout her career utilizing yoga techniques and evidence-based approaches to changing pain and healing trauma. The impact of this approach has been profound. In The Journey of Self-Care to We-Care, Vangool weaves the art and science of the yoga system, inviting the reader to begin a process of seeking to know oneself and better understand the human experience. The often hard-to-understand evidence behind yoga interventions are presented in an accessible way and brought to life through story, poetry, and tangible practices. Vangool shares her lived experience and the experience of others as they’ve walked the healing path to wholeness. Through the Circle of Integration and Reclamation, she outlines a 5-step process utilizing a bio-psycho-social model to help regulate one’s nervous system, reduce pain, and move toward healing, growth, and feeling/being whole.

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  • Limited quantities available in clinic at Vangool Wellness 3026 Taylor Street E, Saskatoon, SK
  • Turning The Tide bookstore in Saskatoon. Visit in store or see Link to purchase
  • McNally Robinson Saskatoon
  • Amazon (link below)
  • Ask your local bookstore for a copy.
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From Corporate gatherings to mom and baby groups Adrianne will speak to the universal experience of being human as we work to regulate our nervous system. Adrianne connects to large and small audiences in ways that help us become more whole, expand our capacity, and explore the joy of possibility and creativity. Using evidence, story, and practical tools to guide groups on a journey of self-care to we-care. Are you ready to experience the journey?

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Yoga for the stages of pregnancy and early days postpartum

Home practice book buy now on Amazon!

The goal of this book is to provide a guideline and user-friendly manual to assist women pre and post labour in maintaining health and wellness. There is a lot of conflicting information regarding what to do to prepare physically for labour; what type of exercise is ‘safe’ during pregnancy; and what we are supposed to do to recover in the first 6-8 weeks! This manual is not meant to provide medical advice, assess, treat, or prescribe. It is meant to be a support and a general guide for you as you continue to partake in physical activity in a safe and healthy way, while also helping to prepare you for labour and recovery in the first 6-8 weeks postpartum.

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About the Author

Adrianne Vangool MPT, Bsc. Kin, Yoga Therapist, RYT-200, YACEP

 ADRIANNE VANGOOL is a licensed physical therapist and certified yoga therapist. She is passionate about making the benefits of physiotherapy and yoga accessible to all. This passion has driven her to start Vangool Wellness, a holistic clinic where she focuses on addressing and eliminating the barriers that prevent people from taking part in yoga and from receiving physical therapy services.

Adrianne has a podcast, “Awaken To Your Body’s Wisdom,” in which she speaks with thought leaders and change-makers who are making a difference in their community and fields of study.

Adrianne has published a prenatal/postpartum practice guide to support women through their pregnancy and early-days postpartum entitled, “Yoga for the Stages of Pregnancy and Early Days Postpartum.”

Adrianne has a passion for spreading the joy and holistic benefits of yoga to those who are looking to restore balance in their life, whether that is through her clinical practice, speaking engagements, podcasts, yoga videos, or writing. She continues to lead accessible & adaptive yoga teacher trainings across Canada, in-person, and online. She has been a guest lecturer at the School of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Indigenous Yoga Association Teacher Training.

Adrianne lives in Saskatoon, SK, with her Husband Matt, and their two children, Walker and Nahanni.