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Vangool Wellness is owned and operated by Adrianne Vangool, a licensed physical therapist and yoga therapist. She is passionate about making physiotherapy and yoga accessible to all. This passion has driven her to start Vangool Wellness, where she focuses on addressing and eliminating the barriers that prevent people from taking part in yoga and from receiving physical therapy services.

More About Adrianne

Adrianne has experience in homecare and private practice settings, working with individuals with a wide range of injuries from musculoskeletal, neurological, chronic pain, vestibular dysfunction and more. Previously a varsity athlete in pole vault and basketball, she competed internationally in athletics and represented Canada on a number of occasions. Her passion for athletics and training ultimately drew her to yoga. As her passion for yoga deepened, so did her desire to spread the healing benefits of the practice.

Adrianne has since had the privilege of learning from many teachers near and far. She underwent special training in San Francisco, CA to become certified in Therapeutic Yoga, and has spent time learning from Fr. Joe Pereira (student of Iyengar) and Srivatsa Ramaswami (student of Sri TK Krishnamacharya). Adrianne is of the mind set that one is always a student, and is committed to furthering her personal practice with the guidance of her teachers.

Adrianne has a passion for spreading the joy and holistic benefits of yoga to those who are looking to restore balance in their life. With the addition of her children, she has a new appreciation for the rewards of finding that balance!