FREE Online Prenatal Workshop

On Stage 2 of Labour: Pushing


Free ONLINE Prenatal workshop on the Stage 2 of Labour- PUSHING on Oct 27th at 7:30pm.

with Amy Garnett, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Lindsay Sutherland, Birthing Doula.

Discussions will include:

– Explanation of “urge to push”

– Spontaneous vs. Coached Pushing

– Pushing Positions

– How to Prepare your Pelvic Floor for Pushing

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Chair Yoga Online Teacher Training

15 hrs of recorded and LIVE Sessions.

Enjoy flexibility in your learning. A combination of recorded lectures and LIVE practical sessions. Each session will be recorded in the event of a missed class.

Resources Included: Videos, sequences, PDF of manual, practical sessions, ongoing mentorship, shadow a chair yoga class, you will be added to the chair yoga teacher directory & more!


Dates in February TBD.

Register at or call 306-242-9355.

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FREE Mindfulness Meditation Recordings

with Jennifer Keane


Prevent Burnout and Decision Fatigue with a daily 'check in'

Watch The Check In to help guide you on your journey to self regulation

The Check In from Adrianne Vangool on Vimeo.

For 1 on 1 guided Yoga Therapy sessions book with Adrianne Vangool MPT. Bsc. Kin, Certified in Yoga Therapy.


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