Prenatal Class Series Starting Oct 27th, 2021!

What you need to know to feel empowered, prepared, and confident throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey

$300 (early bird) $350 (regular price) in-person and online sessions. 

 Oct 27th-Nov24th 

  • Includes prenatal yoga recordings
  • Education from various health care professionals (Anesthesiologists, Medical Dr.s, Gynaecologist, Breast Feeding Educator, Sleep Educator & Doula, & Pelvic Health Physiotherapist)
  • Mix of online pre-recorded sessions to be done at your own pace and in-person sessions. 

Session 1 – Navigating pregnancy: Prenatal exercise progression and preparing the pelvic floor for birth. Oct 27th 7-8:30pm (in-person).

Session 2- Active Labour and delivery and postpartum care with Doula Lindsay Sutherland. Nov 7th, 10am-12pm. (in-person)

Online Modules –

  •  4th trimester: Early postpartum education, Breastfeeding basics, and how to attend to your healing body. 
  • Labour and delivery: Everything you need to know from early labour to delivery.

Session 3- Navigating the postpartum period: strategies and considerations in returning to activity and exercise. Nov 24th 7-8:30pm (in-person).


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Gratitude & Grace: Restorative Workshop

With Brett Donlevy

Come and enjoy this restorative yoga workshop where we will relax deeply and explore the space within. Restorative yoga is based on the premise that you are enough and everything you need is already inside of you.

In this two hour session we will gently shed the layers of armour we normally cover up with and allow ourselves to rest and abide in our true nature.

All yoga equipment will be provided (including a yoga mat) but participants will be asked to bring a cozy blanket and an eye cover (eye pillow, sleep mask, soft washcloth etc.).

Attendees will be encouraged to dress comfortably and eat light prior to class.

This workshop is limited to 8 participants to ensure comfort, space and individual attention from your instructor.

Sign up early to save your spot. Registration is confirmed with payment.

Price: $40 plus tax, 

In-person: At Vangool Wellness new location! 3026 Taylor Street East.

Monday, October 11th, 2021, 3-5pm. 



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Accessible & Adaptive Yoga Online Teacher Training

25 hrs Yoga Alliance Certified Training. For health practitioners and Yoga Teachers.
Are you a health care provider or yoga instructor who’s interested in increasing your skill set? This course is for you!

In this 25 hr Accessible Yoga Teacher Training participants will learn how to make yoga accessible to all ability levels while maintaining a fun, safe, and therapeutic environment. Specific attention will be paid to educating on how to adapt chair yoga to various chronic health conditions and diseases. While also learning how to integrate yoga theory and practice into your clinical practice and healthcare settings.

Adrianne Vangool is a Physiotherapist and Yoga Alliance Certified trainer, who has been guiding chair yoga classes in Saskatoon since 2012. She has trained and mentored several teachers, health practitioners, and educators from across Canada, who now offer chair yoga classes in their communities and facilities. The evidence regarding the effectiveness of yoga and mindfulness practices on wellbeing is vast. Specifically, more evidence is supporting the benefits of yoga in improving patient outcomes and improved quality of life and management of conditions following surgery, cancer, back pain, and progressive neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s Disease.

In this 25 hour training participants will learn how to make yoga accessible to all ability levels while maintaining a fun, safe, and therapeutic environment. Specific attention will be paid to educating on how to adapt chair yoga to various chronic health conditions and diseases. While also learning how to integrate yoga theory and practice into your clinical practice and healthcare settings.

Participants will learn:

-A chair sequence to build upon, videos, & PDF resources.
-The specifics of common health conditions and how yoga can help manage such conditions, improve       quality of life, alleviate suffering, and support mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.
-How to bring a more holistic and integrated approach to your clinical practice through the system and     science of yoga and mindfulness techniques.
-Ways to adapt yoga for the senior body and those with mobility concerns.
-Ways to bring chair yoga class into healthcare and in community settings.

Course Outline:

This course will be a combination of online and in-person learning.

The majority of the course will be accessible through online modules starting Sept 10th, 2021. In-person practical session will be completed on Nov 20th, 2021. Please inform us if you will not be able to attend the in-person practical session, we will arrange for alternative LIVE online options where possible.

Nov 20th, 2021 Schedule: 8 hour session 9am- 5pm. With lunch break.

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Pain Care Aware with Shelly Prosko!

Save the date: March 4-6th, 2022 in-person; online starting Jan 21st, 2022

50 hr Yoga Alliance Certified Training. Ideal for yoga teachers, health practitioners, and other professionals trained in guiding movement (e.g fitness instructors, therapists, Pilates instructors).

Level 1- 30 hrs online, guided by Shelly Prosko starting Jan 21st, 2022.

Level 2- 20 hrs Hybrid Model: in-person at Vangool Wellness and online with Shelly Prosko. March 4-6, 2022.



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Chair Yoga in-person and online!

with Adrianne Vangool & Brett Donlevy

Join Adrianne and Brett for weekly chair yoga classes Mondays and Wednesdays at 1pm!

Wednesday chair yoga class at 1pm: In-person at Vangool Wellness (3026 Taylor Street East) starting Aug 18th!

Monday chair yoga class at 1pm: Online, with recordings being sent to all participants for 1 week access.

What to expect?

An inclusive and accessible yoga environment that is supportive and safe. Our compassionate and experienced instructors guide all participants through a fun and safe yoga series designed for those who may have mobility issues, chronic health conditions, living with pain or arthritis, and for those who just need a more accessible yoga class.

Participants can stay seated in the chair throughout the class or participate in the standing postures as they are able.

Contact us to book!

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PhysioYoga In-person

Wednesdays at 2:30pm

In- person classes are back starting August 18th!

Join Adrianne Vangool Physiotherapist and Yoga Therapist for in-person PhysioYoga for Beginners

When: Wednesdays at 2:30pm starting August 18th. Tuesday evenings 6:15pm-7:15pm (4 week series) Sept 21st-Oct 12th.

In-person: At Vangool Wellness new location! 3026 Taylor Street East.

This class is perfect for those new to yoga or those recovering from injuries or living with arthritis.

Contact for bookings and prices.

* Classes are claimable as physiotherapy through private insurance with the completion of a physiotherapy screen.

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Postpartum PhysioYoga is Back this fall!

Mondays at 10am starting Sept 13th, 2021

Back by popular demand is our in-person Postpartum PhysioYoga starting September 13th!

-6 Week series:

-Mondays at 10am

-Sept 13th- Oct 25th (no class on Oct 11th).


What’s included?

  • Child care onsite (space is limited so book early).
  • Pelvic health education with Adrianne
  • Educational resources and progressions of how to return to activity postpartum.
  • Community Support!

Contact for pricing and details.

*Classes claimable as physiotherapy through private insurance.


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Coming Home: An Introduction to Mindfulness

With Jennifer Keane coming Fall 2021!

We spend so much of our waking time on automatic pilot, “miles away”, “in another world”., not really present.  This 4-week introduction to mindfulness is an invitation to come home to be more aware of our breath, body sensations, thoughts and emotions, to what is happening right now.  An ever-growing body of research shows that mindfulness, paying attention with kindness and curiosity, is a very helpful life strategy that can benefit our heart, mind and body.  

Coming Home is designed especially for those who want to learn about mindfulness and how to develop a practice through guided meditation in class, support in establishing a home practice (including a recording and handouts), and opportunities to discuss how we can apply these practices in our life, our relationships, our work 

You will learn: 

  • What we mean by ‘mindfulness
  • How to learn and practice mindfulness 
  • The foundations of mindfulness- breath, body, emotions, and thinking
  • The benefits of mindfulness 
  • Resources and programs for supporting your mindfulness practice

Who should attend: 

  • Anyone interested in learning about mindfulness
  • Fee: $150 plus gst.
  • Sept 13th- Oct 4th, 7-8:30pm
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FREE Mindfulness Meditation Recordings

with Jennifer Keane


Prevent Burnout and Decision Fatigue with a daily 'check in'

Watch The Check In to help guide you on your journey to self regulation

The Check In from Adrianne Vangool on Vimeo.

For 1 on 1 guided Yoga Therapy sessions book with Adrianne Vangool MPT. Bsc. Kin, Certified in Yoga Therapy.


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