15 hr Chair Yoga Teacher Training. March 20th-22nd in La Ronge SK

Yoga for everyBody

Adrianne Vangool is a Physiotherapist and Yoga Alliance Certified trainer, who has been guiding chair yoga classes in Saskatoon since 2012. She has trained and mentored several teachers, who now offer chair yoga classes in their communities.

In this 15 hour training yoga teachers will learn how to adapt their current knowledge of yoga to help those who have mobility issues and health concerns that prevent them from taking an all levels class.

Participants will be provided with:

  • a chair sequence to build upon
  • the opportunity to join the chair yoga team at Vangool Wellness
  • learn the specifics of common health concerns
  • ways to adapt yoga for the senior body and those with mobility concerns
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FREE Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness for Everyone: The Basics and Beyond

What do we mean by mindfulness? Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention to our present moment experiences with openness, curiosity, and kindness. Through the practice of mindfulness, we learn tools to develop attention, regulate emotions, cultivate compassion, and greater well-being.

This free evening workshop is especially for those who are interested in mindfulness and  want to learn more about it. We will provide a general overview of meditation practices; review the fundamentals of mindfulness practice and offer an opportunity to experience the foundations of mindfulness: awareness of breath, body, mind and thoughts. The session will end with time for questions, comments, and suggestions for further practice.

FREE 1 hr workshop Jan 15th at 7pm

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Making Peace With Your Mind: Developing a Mindfulness Practice

6 Week Series Jan 22nd- Feb 26th, 2020

Have you ever noticed how cluttered and busy your mind can be? Is it ever quiet? And why, sometimes, can it be so critical… especially of yourself?

Join us in this 6-week exploration of the way our thoughts impact our experience, our very lives.
With support in developing a mindfulness practice, we will learn how to cultivate more happiness  and freedom. Through mindfulness and compassion practices we will develop insight into what creates, drives, and disarms the inner critic, and learn to make peace with our mind. This course is useful for newer students as well as more experienced meditators.

Jan 22nd- Feb 26th, 2020; Wednesdays 7-8:30pm


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