Hónena Fund Apparel

All Proceeds go toward the Hónena Fund

In honour of 10 years in business we have collaborated with Awasis Boutique to bring you a special 10 year logo and all proceeds from merchandise sold with the 10 year logo will be put in the Hónena Fund. Hónena is 10 in the Dene language.

The Hónena Fund will allow individuals who do not have access to private insurance or the funds to pay out of pocket, to receive wellness services at Vangool Wellness. We hope through this fund, to be able to improve access to physiotherapy and wellness services at our clinic!

Wait times for those seeking physiotherapy through the public system can be upwards of 8 months to 1 year or more! This is not acceptable and can lead to long term chronic injuries and can be the difference between someone being able to keep working and live independently… and requiring social assistance. We know the issues are complex and at Vangool Wellness we simply want to do our part and use our platform to chip away at these systemic issues.

Thank you for your support in helping us improve accessibility to wellness services! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate 10 years in Business, than a community fundraising initiative that can bring us all together. Plus, the design is amazing!! Thank you Christine from Awasis Boutique!! 

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**All apparel is Adult UNISEX sizes, made using 100% cotton materials from the Gildan Softstyle Collection.
All proceeds from the merchandise will go towards the Hónena Fund, improving accessibility to wellness services.


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Help us make wellness services accessible to all!

With almost $1000 dollars raised so far!

Contact us directly below to refer a client who may benefit from the Hónena Fund, or if you are someone who needs to access the Hónena Fund.

Open to all individuals requiring this support. Proof of need is not required.

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