Join Adrianne Vangool Physiotherapist and Yoga Therapist as she explores how we can live a life on purpose with purpose by listening to our body’s cues. Awakening to the wisdom that lies within. She has connected conversations with thought leaders  and those who continue to show up in the world fully and completely themselves. Inspiring others to do the same. Closing each episode with a mindful moment and meditation.

Dr. Jacqueline Ottmann

Vice Provost Indigenous Engagement at the University of Saskatchewan

Andrea Menard

Actor, Musician, Wellness Coach, and International Speaker

Sara Agah Franti

RN turned Business Owner

Nathan Thoen

Lead Singer of the International Band Bombargo

Valerie Richie

Yoga Teacher & Founder of the Vibrant Life Collective

Helen Vangool

Teacher and Antiracism Advocate

Heather Adams

CEO of Rock & Bloom

Shelly Prosko

Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapist, and International Speaker and Author

Lisa Greig

Clinical Counsellor, Podcaster, and Social Worker

Molly & Alice

Creators of the Connection Corner

Taheera Fidaali

Accountant and Owner of Tula Consulting