Mindfulness-Inspired Counselling

People seek therapy for many reasons: Some are struggling with specific issues such as depression, anxiety; problems with eating and body image. Others are overwhelmed by changes that life presents. Chronic illness and pain, grief and loss. and the inevitability of change both chosen and imposed, can be very challenging. As well, seeking counselling can be helpful for personal growth and the development of a greater capacity to thrive. Investing in counselling brings priceless benefits for both you and your relationships.

Research shows that mindfulness and compassion-related practices are related to reduced anxiety, depression, perfectionism, shame, and body image dissatisfaction.

Some extended health care plans cover the services of a Clinical Counsellor. Please check your plan.
Fees for professional counselling services are a tax-deductible medical expense.

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Why Mindfulness-Inspired Counselling?

In Addition to reducing suffering mindfulness can help you too:

  • Develop the ability to respond rather than react from our old habits and conditioning
  • Improve focus and increase mental agility

  • Create more peace by recognizing and clearing the mind of emotional turmoil

  • Improve our own wellbeing, satisfaction with life, and our relationships

  • Become more gentle and compassionate with our self and with others

  • Benefit more from therapy through mindfulness practice
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