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Brenda Gibbs Clinical Counsellor

I come to this grief and trauma specialty because of my own losses. Just before I retired from school counselling, my husband died of prostrate cancer. Our time in palliative care kindled my desire to serve in the are of grief and trauma. Once able to rejoin the world in a meaningful way, I added grief and trauma training to my credentials as a clinical counsellor.

More About Brenda

These classes confirmed my desire and passion to establish this specialty as the focus of my private practice. Along with the many variations of grief and trauma, I have experience supporting others with issues like anxiety, depression, codependency, health issues, and support for caregivers.

I meet adults for individual and group sessions. Some topics covered are Navigating the Holidays, Bereaved Caregivers, and Avoiding Caregiver Burnout. I also am a support person for the biannual grief retreat held at Queens House Retreat and Renewal Centre.

I am a fully certified Canadian counsellor and provide receipts for your income tax deductions as well as Sun Life, Blue Cross, and Victim Services.